Cholesterol in children

High cholesterol related health problems occur in  long term.There can be any exceptions but usually no serious symptoms are found in childhood. It may be hard to determine the high cholesterol related health problems in children. You may have a high cholesterol or heart attack case in your family history. You can consult your doctor for your child and prevent any health problems that may occur in  future .

What is cholesterol?cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is found in your body. Cholesterol is used for so many metabolic activities in the body. Cholesterol is an essential substance and it is produced in your body.

Your body uses cholesterol for so many activities like  cell membrane or hormone production. Body produces all the necessary cholesterol itself also you take extra cholesterol with food.

High cholesterol in children

Body uses 2 lipoproteins for cholesterol transportation; LDL and HDL. LDL is low density lipoprotein and known as bad cholesterol. HDL is high density lipoprotein and known as good cholesterol.

High LDL level increases cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and stroke risk. High LDL cause plaques in arterial walls and narrowing in arteries and may cause stroke or heart attack.



High cholesterol in children has 3 main causes

  • Diet; eating too much saturated fat and trans-fat containing foods
  • Genetic; parents may have genetically high cholesterol levels
  • Obesity; is related with both diet and lifestyle. Eating too much high cholesterol containing food and inactive lifestyle increase your child’s cholesterol level.

Children who have an active lifestyle, eating healthy food, not obese and who don’t have a high cholesterol family history will have a low risk in terms of cholesterol and related health problems.


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