Facts about HDL cholesterol

Facts about HDL cholesterol

    • HDL also called good cholesterol is one of the lipoproteins that transport the cholesterol in your body
    • HDL means high density lipoprotein
    • LDL- low density lipoprotein is bad cholesterol and it is related with heart atttack and other cardiovascular diseases
    • HDL blood test is used to determine the coronary heart disease risk and monitor the patients who have high coronary arterial disease risk
    • High HDL cholesterol level is a good sign for your heart and arterial health
    • HDL good cholesterol test is commonly done with total cholesterol and triglycerides tests
    • These 3 parameters should be measured for LDL calculation
    • HDL cholesterol is responsible for reverse transport of cholesterol which means excess cholesterol transportation from tissues to the liver by HDL
  • High concentration of transported cholesterol by HDL to the liver has a protective effect from coronary heart disease

hdl cholesterol

  • HDL particles has anti-atherogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anticoagulant effects
  • There is an inverse correlation between HDL bad cholesterol concentration and coronary heart disease
  • Every 5% of HDL cholesterol reduction is related with 25% increased risk of coronary heart disease
  • Niasin is the most effective type of cholesterol medication that increase HDL level, niasin may increase HDL cholesterol level up to 25-30 %
  • Quitting smoking, regular exercising and weight loss are life style changes to increase HDL cholesterol level



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