How to increase your good cholesterol HDL level

Cholesterol is a fat type that is produced in your body and also found in foods. Body produces the essential cholesterol for metabolic activities like hormone production or vitamin D synthesis. If you eat too much cholesterol containing foods like fried foods, red meat or saturated fat, your cholesterol level may increase up to dangerous levels. High cholesterol level increases cardivascular diseases risk like heart attack or stroke.

There 2 types of lipoproteins that transport cholesterol in your body. These lipoproteins are called good cholesterol-HDL and bad cholesterol-LDL. Bad cholesterol level is known by most of the people in terms of its relation with heart attack and arterial diseases. Also low good cholesterol HDL level is an another factor for cardivascular diseases that you should know.

HDL good cholesterol normal values

• Normal male: > 40 mg/dL
• Normal female: > 50 mg/dL
• High: > 60 mg/dL

hdl cholesterol

Lower values of HDL than 30 mg/dL is a serious condition for people who have high risk of cardiovascular diseases. You should be careful about your HDL level if you have hypertension ( high blood pressure), diabetes or you are overweight. There are some ways that can increase good cholesterol level but please don’t use any vitamins, supplements or medications without asking your doctor;

• Omega-3; may increase good cholesterol level 3-9 %
• Regular exercising increases HDL level 5-10 %
• Lose weight; you may increase your good cholesterol HDL level 5-10 % by losing weight
• Niacin ( vitamin B3); daily 1000-1500 mg of niacin usage may increase HDL level 15-20 % but please consult your doctor before using
• Quit smoking
• Statins; are a type of cholesterol medication and reduces LDL level and increase HDL level a little. Your doctor may prescribe you statin if necessary
• Fibrates ( fibric acid) are cholesterol medicines like statins and may increase good cholesterol level 5-15 %, your doctor may recommend you fibric acid if necessary


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