LDL cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance that is found in all the cells of your body. Cholesterol commonly known as a bad fat ype but cholesterol is necessary for your body. Cholesterol is used for some body activities like vitamin D, bile acids and hormone production for this reason cholesterol is an essential substance for your body.

Body produces cholesterol in liver for these activities also you take extra cholesterol with foods, this is the reason of high cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol travels in your body by the help of 2 lipoproteins;

HDL; high density lipoprotein also called good cholesterol because HDL cholesterol transports the excess cholesterol from tissues to liver and liver removes this excess cholesterol. This is the reverse transport of cholesterol.

LDL ; low density liprotein also called bad cholesterol, transports cholesterol from liver to the tissues. Your tissues needs cholesterol but high LDL cholesterol level increases cardiovascular diseases risk like heart attack, stroke or arteriosclerosis ( hardening and thickening of blood vessels).

LDL cholesterol levels

cholesterol levels

LDL cholesterol reference ranges

  • Normal: < 130 mg/dL
  • Borderline: 130-159 mg/dL
  • High: > 160 mg/dL
  • Very high > 190 mg/dL

High LDL level causes thickening and hardening in your arteries ( arteriosclerosis) so your heart diseases and stroke risk increases. you should check your LDL cholesterol level regularly. You can hhave LDL cholesterol blood test alone also you can have lipid profile test to check the levels of other fat types as listed;

Lipid profile blood test

  • Total cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Triglycerides

LDL blood test frequency for children and adults

  • If you are an young adult you should have LDL cholesterol test in every 5 years.
  • After 45 years old men should have the LDL blood test in every 1-2 years
  • Women who are older than 55 should have LDL blood test in every 1-2 years
  • Children may have their first LDL cholesterol test after 10 years old
  • Children who have diabetes should have the LDL blood test between 2-8 and 13-15 years old


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