Evaluation of HDL good cholesterol blood test

HDL (good cholesterol) blood test

Cholesterol transports in your body with help of 2 lipoproteins; these are HDL ( good cholesterol ) and LDL ( bad cholesterol ). HDL is called good cholesterol because it has an important function that protects your heart and arteries.

HDL cholesterol transports the excess cholesterol from tissues to the liver, this process is called reverse transport of cholesterol. HDL cholesterol transports the excess cholesterol to the liver and reduces heart attack and stroke risk, for this reason HDL level and HDL good cholesterol blood test is important.

HDL blood test may be done on its own, also you can have  HDL blood test as a part of the lipid panel. Lipid panel is a group of tests that is done to check your cholesterol and lipid level. Lipid panel contains total cholesterol, HDL- good cholesterol, LDL-bad cholesterol and triglycerides tests.

Reference ranges of HDL blood test

hdl cholesterol

  • Normal male: > 40 mg/dL
  • Normal female: > 50 mg/dL
  • High: > 60 mg/dL

Evaluation of HDL cholesterol blood test

  • Lower values of HDL than 40 mg/dL in male and 50 mg/dL in female are accepted as a risk for coronary heart disease
  • Higher values of good cholesterol HDL than 60 mg/dL has a protective role that one of the other major risks may be ignored
  • Total cholesterol / HDL cholesterol ratio is important
  • Also according to American Heart Association, absolute values of measurements are more important
  • Cholesterol ratio is found by dividing the HDL value into the total cholesterol value for exp. total cholesterol is 200 mg/dL and HDL is 50 mg/dL your ratio is 4
  • Your cholesterol ratio is recommended to be below 5 and ideal cholesterol ratio is 3.5 or low


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