Prediabetes treatment and prevention

Prediabetes is the condition that your blood sugar ( glucose) level is found between 100-120 mg/dL. In normal conditions, fasting blood sugar test result is expected 70-100 mg/dL. Higher values than 120 mg/dL is called diabetes. Prediabetes is the previous stage of diabetes. You can prevent diabetes by daily life style changes. You can take precautions to stop prediabetes before it turns into diabetes.

Prediabetes prevention and treatmentprediabetes treatment prevention

  • You should learn healthy eating rules from your doctor and dietitian
  • Learn carbohydrate sources and regulate carbohydrate intake
  • All carbs are converted to sugar in our body but complex carbs are converted slowly so they raise your blood sugar level slowly
  • Protein containing foods slow down the sugar production from carbohydrates and your blood sugar level does not increase rapidly. You can eat protein with carbohydrates to slow down the breakdown process of carbs
  • Fat intake should be limited like carbohydrates too
  • Fiber rich foods are useful for prediabetes prevention
  • Exercises are so important for healthy weight loss; consult your doctor for a healthy exercise plan
  • Try to be more active during day, for exp try to walk to market instead of using your car
  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • Be careful about light or diabetic foods; light yogurt’s fat amount may be low but it may contain much calories. Diabetic foods does not contain sugar but they may affect blood fat level with fat, flour or fruit sugar that they contain
  • Consult your doctor or dietitian about the foods that you should eat or not eat
  • Try to stop smoking
  • Try to sleep well, 6-8 hours of sleeping is recommmended for adults. Medidation, praying or exercises may be helpful for a good sleep
  • Use your medicines according to your doctor’s instructions

These are the some simple topics to prevent and treat prediabetes. Please consult your doctor about your diet and exercise planning. Diabetes is a serious disease and you can prevent it by some life style changes in prediabetes stage.


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