Who can have diabetes surgery ?

What is diabetes surgery ?

Diabetes surgery is a kind of metabolic surgery that is done to cure type 2 diabetes. Diabetes surgery is done to provide some positive hormonal changes in the body to end diabetes medicine and insulin usage in type 2 diabetes. Patients can stop diabetes, cholosterol and hypertension medicine usage by the help of this method.
Diabetes surgery (ileal interposition surgery) is a kind of gastrointestinal system surgery which is used to regulate metabolism so it can be called as metabolic surgery too. In diabetes surgery small intestine’s starting and end parts are rearranged and replaced with each other. Also the fundus part of the stomach is removed to reduce ghrelin hormone production which increases appetite.

Who can  have  diabetes surgery ?who can have diabetes surgery

Your doctor may recommend you diabetes surgery if you use diabetes medicines, making your diet regular and  still have these kind of symptoms or criteria
·         Uncontrolled blood sugar level
·         Diabetic retinopathy ( eyes are affected by diabetes; blurred vision or vision loss may occur)
·         Diabetic nephropathy ( kidney disease or kidney damage which is caused by diabetes)
·         Diabetic neuropathy ( nerve damage by diabetes- high blood sugar level)
·         At least 2 years diabetes history
·         Progressing diabetes
·         Organ damages
·         At least 20% preferably 25% stored insulin in your body and half of this amount should be active form

Results of diabetes surgery

·         Diabetes can be cured
·         Diabetes may be taken under control
·         Diabetes progression may be slowed
·         Diabetes complications like eye, nerve, kidney, heart problems  may be prevented
·         Diabetes surgery has positive results like leaving medicine usage and insulin injection
·         Other problems like hypertension, obesity, sleep apnea, high cholosterol and triglycerides, coronary artery disease, polycystic ovary syndrome may be cured

If you have type 2 diabetes you should know that diabetes surgery is an option for diabetes treatment.You should decide this method with your doctor to prevent the body insulin reserve run out and serious organ damages.


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