Alcohol and Diabetes

Diabetics should be careful about their alcohol consumption because of the effects of the alcohol in the body and the interaction of the alcohol with their medication.

Alcohol effect on blood sugar

Low amounts of alcohol cause increasing in blood sugar but if the alcohol amount increases more, blood sugar level will be decreased. Even this decreasing may be in dangerous levels. If your blood sugar fluctates you should be very careful about alcohol consumption and you should not drink so much. Also sweet drinks like beer and wine contains carbohydrates and cause blood sugar increasing.

Alcohol effect on appetitealcohol-and-diabetes

Alcohol increases appetite so you eat more than normal and you may break your diabetic diet and your blood sugar control will be disrupted.

Alcohol interaction with diabetetes medication

Alcohol interacts with insulin and other diabetes medicines. Alcohol raises the effects of some medicines and reduces some others. As you can see in the article about grapefruit has effects similar with alcohol. (See.. Grapefruit and Drug Interaction)  Liver tries to remove all the chemicals, waste substances and medicines but it takes more time to remove the medicines and alcohol together. For this reson medicines and alcohol stay in the body longer than normal and their effects and the time increases.

Other side effects of alcohol

Alcohol cause increasing in triglycerides. You should stop drinking alcohol at least 3-4 days before if you will have triglycerides blood test.

Alcohol increases blood pressure

Alcohol cause dizziness, blushing, increased heart rate and difficulty speaking

Important topics that diabetics should know about alcohol

Men should not drink more than 2 beers, ½ glass of whiskey or 2 glass of wine. Half of these amounts are proper for women.

Don’t drink alcohol with an empty stomach

Try to drink slowly

Avoid sweet alcohol drinks

Inform your friends that you have diabetes if you’ll drink

Carry a document about you have diabetes in your pocket, it may be necessary during a hypoglycemic attack.


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