Diabetes diet; important tips

Diabetes is a disease that pancreas produce no insulin or can’t produce sufficient insulin for body. Insulin is a kind of hormone that your body uses for energy production from sugar ( glucose). In insulin insufficiency,  blood sugar level can’t be balanced and diabetes occurs. Diet is as important as medicines and insulin injection for diabetes treatment. You can see below that these healthy diet tips are not suitable only for diabetics, all people should follow these recommendations to have a healthy life.

You can see so many foods in this list to avoid but you can eat them  little portions according to your dietitian’s advice and general health condition, blood sugar level.  You should learn the proper amounts for yourself and plan your diabetes diet with your dietitian and doctor. This list includes general important healthy diet tips.

Meal timing; it is so important for diabetics to eat their meal at same time of the day and similar amounts to avoid blood sugar fluctations

Don’t skip meals; skipping your meals causes fluctations in your blood sugar level

Drink enough water; Both diabetics and healthy people should drink at least 1,5-2 lt of water in a day

Try to use healthy fats like olive oil,peanut oil. Avoid solid fats like margarine or palm oil this is an important fact to prevent diabetes and heart diseases

Vegetables and fruits; eat fresh fruits , dried fruits and vegetables in proper portions by learning their glycemic index

Coffee, tea; reduce your daily coffee and tea consumption. If you have diabetes you can drink tea, linden tea, herbal tea, mineral water without using sugar but consult your doctor and dietitian about herbal teas

Alcohol; Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption; alcohol may cause hypoglycemia in diabetes. If you have diabetes don’t drink  more than a double. Don’t forget that alcoholic drinks may contain sugar too, like sweet wine, beer, liqueur.

Prefer fiber rich foods; fiber rich foods generally have low glycemic index. Fiber rich foods like vegetables, nuts, beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas are suitable for diabetes diet

Healthy cooking; preapare your foods in healthy ways. Boiling and steaming may be preferred instead of frying for both diabetics and other people

Read labels of food packages; you can learn carbohydrate, sugar, glucose or salt( sodium) amonts by reading the food packages

Soups; you can prefer soup to feel and keep full but don’t use fats or heavy creams for preparation

Fish; try to eat fish instead of fatty meat, fishes like tuna, sardines and salmon contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids

Sodium; try to reduce your daily salt ( sodium) consumption

Mediterranean diet; this nutrition model may be a target for all people because it is rich of cereals, legumes, fresh vegetables – fruits, fish and olive oil. Red meat  consumption is limited. Mediterranean diet reduces heart disease risk, type 2 diabetes risk and cancer risk

Diabet is treated by medicines and insulin but diet is an anothermost important fact to balance your blood sugar level. These tips are general healthy diet topics for diabetics and other healthy people but you should plan your diabetes diet with your doctor and dietitian.


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