Factors that affect blood glucose

Blood glucose (sugar) level may be increased by some factors. Carbohydrates are one of these but there are some different factors may increase blood glucose level that we don’t not expect.

Caffeine: Caffeine is one of the factors that may increase blood glucose level even you drink plain coffee. Also tea, green tea may affect glucose control in diabetics because caffeine may increase insulin resistance.

Unsweetened foods: You can see unsweetened or no sugar added label on food packages. These kind of food may be sugar free but may contain nutrients like starch which can transform to sugar after digestion. These kind of foods are called carbohydrates. You should be careful about these kind of ingredients in your food during shopping.  Some kind of carbohydrates may have higher glycemic index so these are more dangerous for your blood glucose level.


Stress or illness: Your body produces some types of hormones which affect blood sugar level  because of stress or illness. These are also called stress hormones. Stress cause hormone production in the body like; adrenaline, cortisol, growth hormone.

Dried fruits: Fruits are healthy for your body if you eat them in certain amounts. Fruits lose their fluid during drying process and sugar amount per piece will be increased. Especially dried fruits like dried figs and raisins include so much sugar. They raise your blood glucose level quickly after eating. For this reason try to eat dried fruits according to your dietitian’s advice. It is recommended to avoid dried fruits if you are diabetic.

Sports drinks: You can drink sports drinks to replenish lost body fluids by sweating, urination, breathing etc. Some of the sports drinks contain so much sugar inside. If you need to use these kind of sports drinks try to learn its ingredients and avoid high carbohydrate containing drinks.

Medicines: Some cold medication like decongestants contain pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine and some of them may include alcohol or sugar and may increase blood sugar level. Especially diabetics should be careful about the medicines they use.You can consult your doctor or pharmacist about these kind of medication.

Steroid medicines: You may need corticorteroid injection because of some kind of disases like arthritis. Blood glucose level increases after cortisone injection and turns to normal after stopping usage.

Physical activities: Daily physical activities may decrease blood sugar level in diabetics, adjust your insuline dose according to your daily physical activities.

Yoghurt: Yoghurt is a kind of probiotic food which contains healthy and useful bacteria for your body. Yoghurt regulates digestion and helps to reduce blood glucose level but not the sugar or fruit containing yoghurts.

Vegetables: Vegetables and high fiber foods slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and blood sugar level does not increase rapidly. Diabetics need less insulin usage by the help of these kind food. Also try to learn foods’ glycemic index and avoid high glycemic index food.

Alcohol: Alcohol drinks contain carbohydrate and raise your blood glucose level quickly and sugar level drops after a while. Try to limit your alcohol usage and don’t drink more than 1-2 glass a day .

Smoking: Smoking may increase insuline resistance and this may be a problem for adjusting your insuline dose if you are diabetic.

Light exercises: Light exercises and physical activity is helpful to reduce your blood sugar level.


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