How does mouth-to-mouth resuscitation work?

Anyone who concentrates only on cardiac massage during a resuscitation will do everything right. A respiratory donation is not a must for every first responder: Only those who feel safe in it, for example, after a training course, should combine the chest compressions with a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation – according to the scheme “30 to 2”: After every 30 pressure movements, the unconscious person is given two breaths. It is very important that the time during which they do not press the chest is as short as possible. The ventilation should therefore not interrupt the chest compressions for over ten seconds.

This is how mouth-to-mouth ventilation works:

They grasp the person’s chin with one hand, pull it upwards and keep their mouths open with their thumbs.
Place your other hand on the person’s forehead and press your nose with your forefinger and thumb.
Now breathe in as normal, with your lips around the person’s open mouth and blow in their own breathing air for about a second. The ribcage must lift during respiration and, as soon as the mouth is released again, lower.


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