How often should you check your blood sugar?

Regular blood sugar measurement is important for diabetics, for monitoring treatment and to prevent the unwanted complications. Today blood sugar test is done in laboratories, clinics and also you can do your blood sugar test yourself at home. Home blood sugar devices ( blood glucose meters ) are more common today and everybody can own a test kit and measure blood sugar level at home.

Benefits of blood sugar measurement at homehow often blood sugar

  • Measuring blood sugar level when needed
  • Monitoring the blood sugar treatment success
  • Determination the affect of diet on blood sugar level
  • Determination the affect of exercises on blood glucose
  • Monitoring other health problems’s affect on blood sugar level

How often you should check your blood sugar level?

Your doctor will inform you about the blood sugar measurement and frequency, blood sugar test frequency depends on the diabetes type and treatment method;

Type-1 diabetes blood sugar test frequency

Your doctor may request you to measure your blood glucose level 4-8 times a day if you have type-1 diabetes. Your doctor may request you to check your blood sugar level before and after exercises, before and after a meal, before bed or at midnight . Also you may need a blood sugar test during a disease or if you started to use any different medicines.

Type-2 diabetes blood sugar test frequency

Diabetics who use insulin may need blood sugar test more than once during the day according to the insulin type and dose. Blood sugar measurement can be done before meal and sleeping. You don’t have to do blood sugar test everyday if you don’t use insulin.

Blood sugar meaurement results

You may note your blood sugar level test results so you can inform your doctor about your blood sugar level in a certain period. For example your doctor may want to know your blood sugar level changes during the week and you can easily use your notes if needed.

Home blood sugar meters ( blood glucose meters) have their own memory but it is recommended you to note your blood sugar test results for easy monitoring. Also you can note the activity near results that can affect the results like eating, exercises etc.


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