Fasting blood sugar test

Fasting blood sugar is a kind of laboratory test that measures the level of glucose in blood. Glucose is one of the the building blocks of sugar. Sugar is  the common name of a compound that exist in so many kinds of food.

Sugars are a member of carbohydrate group and glucose is the most common sugar that is taken with food. Carbohydrates are found in bread, grains, fruits, rice, pasta, fruit juices, etc.  Glucose is quickly absorbed in intestines after a meal and its level increases in blood circulation. Blood glucose level should be measured regularly with blood tests for a healthy life and fasting blood sugar is an important laboratory test for glucose monitoring in blood.


Blood Glucose Level Regulation

Body regulates blood glucose level with hormones; especially insulin and glucagon. These hormones are secreted in pancreas regularly and so blood glucose level won’t be high after a meal or won’t be dangerously low during fasting.

Purpose of Blood Sugar Testfastin blood sugar

Blood sugar test is one of the most needed and requested laboratory test by doctors that is used to monitor body functions. Blood sugar must be measured  after fasting for a useful result. Because reference ranges are known after fasting for a certain time and fasting blood sugar values help to have a comparisation. Fasting blood sugar is done after 8-10 hours fasting and blood glucose level is measured after this certain time. Glucose levels for normal conditions or diabetes are known after fasting, so blood glucose test is usually done after fasting period, so please listen carefully the instructions of your doctor and try to follow them before your blood test. ( patient preparation for lab tests )

Fasting Blood Sugar Normal Values

Fasting blood sugar values are found 70-100 mg/dL for healthy people. Values outside these levels must be observed to find the underlying problem like diabetes.


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