Fibrinogen Test

Fibrinogen test measures the fibrinogen level in the blood. Fibrinogen is one of the coagulation factors and it is an essential protein for blood clotting. Fibrinogen is also known as Factor I and it is measured in blood clotting problems. If your fibrinogen level decreases your blood can’t make clots and this will cause bleedings. Also there can be clots inside the veins so they block blood circulation. Fibrinogen is produced in the liver.

Fibrinogen functions in the body

Fibrinogen also called factor-I is an essential protein for blood clotting. If your vessels are damaged; a clot occurs there to plug the damaged area to stop bleeding and prevent blood loss. Blood cells and fibrinogen work together to prepare the clot. Platelets aggregate together and fibrinogen strands settle between  them, they form a network to strenghten the platelet plug.

How the fibrinogen test is done?

Fibrinogen test is done in a blood sample. You need to give blood into a special test tube. Your health provider (nurse, doctor, technician) will insert a needle in a vein on your arm inside of your elbow or on the back of your hand and draw blood into the test tube. You may feel a little pain during the procedure. All blood collection process takes 1-2 minutes.

Preparation; factors that may affect fibrinogen test result

There is no special preparation is needed for fibrinogen test but some medicines may decrease your fibrinogen result like; anabolic steroids, urokinase,  valproic acid, streptokinase, etc. so please inform your doctor about the medicines you use. Also pregnancy, smoking, estrogen therapy, recent blood transfusion and birth control pills may increase fibrinogen test result.

Purpose; why the fibrinogen test is done ?

Fibrinogen test is done to find the cause of abnormal bleedings and the cause of the symptoms as listed;

Excessive bruising on skinfibrinogen

Excessive bleeding on gums

Gastrointestinal bleeding

Frequent nosebleed

Blood in urine or stool

Abnormal results in other coagulation tests

Any signs of clots in blood vessels

Fibrinogen test normal value

Normal reference range may change according to the laboratory, test method and the analyser

Men fibrinogen normal value: 200-375 m/dL

Women fibrinogen normal value: 200-430 mg/dL


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