Fungal culture

Fungal culture is a kind of laboratory test that is used to identify fungal infections and the type of the fungi. Your doctor may request some other tests to determine fungal infections; these laboratory tests may be a direct microscopic analyse, different staining methods or a fungal culture. Fungal culture is growing and identifying the fungi in laboratory.

Fungi infections are so common because fungi can live everywhere especiaaly thet live in moist, dark places like your shoes. Some types of fungi are harmless , some type may cause infections if they find a suitable living place and a weak immune system.

Fungal Culture Samples

Fungal infections may occur every suitable place for  them; these are some samples ;

    • Blood samplefungal culture
    • Throat swab
    • Skin scrape sample
    • Vaginal swab
    • Genital swab
    • Hair sample
    • Mucosal swab
    • Skin biopsy sample
    • Wound swab
    • Nail clippings sample
    • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
    • Urine
    • Sputum
    • Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL)
    • Some tissue samples
    • Bone marrow
    • Stool

    Fungal Samples Storage

    Collected samples for fungal culture must be delivered to laboratory and processed as soon as possible. If samples will wait for a while ;

    Samples from eyes (corneal samples), skin scraping samples, nail and hair samples can wait in room temperature

    Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), pleural fluid, synovial fluid samples can wait in 30°-37 °

    Respiratory tract samples, sputum, vaginal, cervical samples and etc. can wait in +4° in refrigerator.

    How the Fungal culture Test is Performed ?

    Your doctor will collect the sample if necessary for exp if there is a fungal nail infection; doctor will collect nail clippings or infection may be on skin then a skin scrapping sample will be needed. You would collect the sample by yourself according to your doctor’s guidance. You can collect urine samples, sputum, stool etc. yourself into the sterile culture cup that is given to you in laboratory.

    Collected samples are inoculated  usually into SDA media (sabouraud’s dextrose agar). Some colonies are taken from growth fungi  and “Germ Tube Test”  is done to select candida from others. Also some selective culture media are used like chromagar, tween 80, inoculated fungal culture samples are incubated for longer time for identifying.

    Results and Treatment of  Fungal Infections

    Microbiologists evaluate the type of  growth fungi in media. Some types may be persistent to treatment but if patient follows the doctor’s instructions and uses the medication right fungal infection will be cured at last.


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