Home blood sugar testing

In diabetes treatment, your doctor needs to know if your medicines and diet are effective. You can make home blood sugar test regularly and you can measure fasting blood sugar and postrandial blood sugar values at home with your home glucose meter device.

Blood sugar measurement  frequency depends on the  condition of diabetes patient. You may need to make home blood sugar test  4 times a day if you are using insulin injection, insulin pump or you are a pregnant diabetic.

It is recommended to make your home blood sugar tests before meals; before breakfast, lunch, dinner and night meal. Home blood sugar test frequency may be 3-4 times a week after your glycemia ( amount of glucose in the blood) is taken under control.

If you have type 2 diabetes, you are not using insulin and your glycemia is not under control you should have home blood sugar test before breakfast ( fasting blood sugar) and 2 hours after breakfast ( postprandial blood sugar).

Diabetes diaryhome blood sugar

Diabetes diary is a notebook that diabetics note their home blood sugar test result, home glycosuria results and home ketone test results. Diabetes diary is important for your doctor, dietician and diabetes educator during planning your treatment and diet. Diabetes diary includes the information like;

  • Blood sugar test date
  • Time of the day that test is done
  • Blood sugar test results
  • Insulin and medicine dose and type
  • Physical activities, exercises and type of them
  • Information about your meals, carbohydrates
  • Any other information that may affect blood sugar measurement like stress, illness, et

How the home blood sugar test is done?

  • You need the equipment; home blood glucose meter device, lancets, test strips, cotton balls and alcohol for cleaning your fingertips.
  • Always check the expiration date of blood sugar test strips
  • Preapare your glucose meter and test strip before starting your glucose test
  • Wash your hands with soap and dry before blood sugar measurement
  • Don’t share your equipment to prevent transmission of infections like hepatitis, HIV etc
  • Clean your fingertip with alcohol and cotton, let it dry for 5-10 seconds
  • Stick your fingertip with lancet
  • If you can not collect sufficient amount of blood drop, massage your hand and finger to increase blood flow
  • Put a drop of blood on the test strip
  • Close your fingertip with a clean cotton piece and make pressure to stop bleeding
  • Place the test strip into your home blood glucose meter device as explained in the instructions
  • Note your home blood sugar test result in your diabetes diary
  • Dispose your used lancet in a puncture –resistant plastic container like plastic detergent bottles to prevent injuries


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