Homeostatic model assessment (HOMA-IR) test

Homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) is a laboratory test method that is used to quantify insulin resistance in body.  is decreasing or  fail to respond of  body cells to insulin hormone.

Insulin resistance is an important health problem and becomes prevalent day by day.  Formerly it was a health problem for older people but today it is found in children and youths people. Insulin resistance can cause  a lot of health problems so should be known by everyone.

Functions of  Insulininsulin resistance

When blood sugar level increases in blood circulation, pancreas secretes insulin hormone then glucose is absorbed by cells with the help of the insulin so body cells can produce energy with this process.

Effects of Insulin Resistance

If  there is insulin resistance, cells will not be able to  take the glucose from blood circulation  inside easily  and glucose can’t be used by cells, so this unused glucose will increase the blood glucose level. Pancreas will secrete more insulin because of this high blood glucose level and blood insulin level is found high in people with insulin resistance.

What is Homa Test: Homeostatic Model Assessment

Homa test is used to identify insulin resistance in a person.

How the Homa Test is Performed ?

Homa test is a mathematical formula that is calculated with using the  8-10 hours fasting blood sugar and insulin values to have the HOMA test result. You must have fasting blood glucose and insuline measurement laboratory tests first.

HOMA-Insulin Resistance Calculation

Fasting blood glucose level and insulin level are multiplied then result is divided to 405 and HOMA-IR result will be collected. In this formula fasting blood sugar unit is mg/dL (miligrams/deciliter) and insulin value unit is microUnit/milliliter mcU/mL ).

HOMA-IR = Glucose x Insulin / 405

HOMA Test Results

If the calculation result of homeostatic model assessment  is higher than 2.5 it means person has insulin resistance. People with insulin resistance must follow doctor’s instructions carefully about diet and exercise otherwise diabetes risk will increase day by day.


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