How to use a glucometer ?

Although glucometers ( glucose meter)  seem different from each other,  they all work with same principles. Simplest description of glucometer usage is applying a drop of blood on a test strip ,inserting in in the glucometer and waiting a short time for the result.Glucometer is used to monitor diabetes and diabetes treatment by yourself at home.

1- First you should carefully read the instructions in the user manual and learn to use your glucometer device. This user instructions  manual tells how to make blood glucose level measurement so please  keep it under your hand to look again when needed.

2- Before starting the blood sugar measurement make ready necessary materials;

  • Blood Glucometeruse a glucometer
  • Lancets
  • Lancet device
  • Glucose test strips
  • Cotton ball with alcohol on it

3- Check your glucometer before starting your blood glucose measurement, there are some control strips or a premade test liquid would be given with your glucometer. Test your glucometer device with this control strips and make sure it is working perfect.

4-Set the time and date of your glucometer because your blood glucose results will be saved in device’s memory and you will be able to check in future

5- Wash your hands carefully and wash the area that you will draw blood, some devices user manuels instruct prick your finger for a drop of blood but some of them tell to use your arm, so wash the needed place for blood drawing.

6- Place the test strip into your glucometer.

7- Drop some alcohol on a cotton ball then swab the area to draw blood, wait for a few seconds for alcohol to dry.

8- Prick your fingertip with the lancet and place a drop of blood on the blood glucose test strip.  Some newer test strips draw the necessary amount of  blood itself by absorbing.

9-  Glucometer measures your blood glucose level in a few seconds (5-30) and you will see the result on the screen of device.

10- Glucometer keeps a certain number of result in its memory, you can look anytime you need. If your device doesn’t have a memory like this , write  your results in a notebook with date time and value. Note that you made the test after fasting or after 2 hours from a meal ( postprandial blood glucose).

11- Shut down your glucometer device, and throw away the lancet and test strip carefully to avoid an injury and don’t use them again.


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