Impaired fasting glucose (IFG)

Normal healthy people’s fasting blood glucose level is found 70-100 mg/dL after 8-10 hours fasting. If blood glucose level is found between 100-126 mg/dL this is called impaired fasting glucose or impaired fasting sugar. This situation is known as prediabetes means blood glucose level is higher than normal values but it is not enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. This is usually related with insulin  resistance.

impaired fasting glucose

In insulin resistance pancreas produces adequate insulin but body cells insulin response is weaken so cells can’t take glucose inside and process it.

Glucose can’t penetrate into the cells so it will be found higher levels in blood circulation. Insulin resistance causes impaired fasting glucose at earlier stages but diabetes may occur % 30-50 in 10 years because of this impaired fasting glucose levels, so this period is called prediabetes.

Patients blood sugar level is higher than normal but not enough to diagnose diabetes but there is a possibility of diabetes so this may called “hidden diabetes”.

If you have familial predisposition to diabetes that means if your parents have diabetes you are under the risk of diabetes too, so periodical fasting blood sugar test and other necessary laboratory tests are so important to prevent diabetes and insulin usage. Early diagnosis of diabetes will give you a chance to change your lifestyle and diet so you will able to control your blood glucose level without insulin usage.


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