Laboratory Tests


laboratory test tubesMeaning of test is , the procedure to understand the quality and quantity of simple components in whole material, to analyse it or assay it. The word Test which means research, is understood analysing body fluids to diagnose diseases in medical facilities. Becouse of this, when someone says “I had some tests in hospital ” means medical laboratory tests.

Which Laboratory Tests are  commonly used in medical/health

Blood tests (See. Blood Tests) and urine tests are commonly used laboratory test types in hospital laboratories. It is easier to collect urine samples but most of people afraids to give blood sample becouse of the fear about needle, however laboratory test are the strongest helper of doctors in diagnosing.

laboratory tests

Why do laboratory tests should be done

For long years scientists searched the amount of chemicals in human body fluids, and try to find how they change in diseases. Determination of the changes of chemicals in human body, facilitates diagnosing of diseases for doctors . Years ago there were not so much medical laboratory tests but today we have so many kinds of tests and it is increasing day by day.

What does normal range mean :

The amount of produced, used and waste chemicals are in certain levels for healthy people. These certain levels called “normal range” . For example a healthy persons hunger glucose level is 70-100 miligrams/deciliter. When the result of glucose level found higher than this range; this means you have a higher blood glucose level. Your doctor will think about the illnesses  that caused by higher glucose levels, and will try to find symptoms of that disease on you.With the right questions and some additional tests your doctor will diagnose the disease or eliminate it.

blood test tubesHow do normal ranges change in diseases

The chemicals in body must be in normal ranges but in case of any disease they increase or decrease. For example liver produces the proteins in body. In a liver disease problem these proteins can’t be produced so result of a blood test they should be seen low amounts. In this case  a liver problem existance is thought. A problem in liver can be understood when some levels of tests increase. An example for this, is liver function tests. If liver function test levels found high, this points a cell damage disease in liver.

Are all body cells include same things ?

Body cells include different chemicals according to their functions, properties and where they found, for this reason every body fluid includes different components. laboratory test microscopeComponents found in some body fluids does not exist in other, or a level of component is different in blood and urine. In some tests some leftovers of components can be found which must not be there. For example in urine test (See. Urinalysis) there is no glucose must be found. Determining glucose in urine shows patient has a high glucose level in blood. This result causes the doctor to think that patient has diabetes then he makes some extra tests and medical examinations to prove it.
Blood tests are very useful to diagnose diseases but there are not so much disease spesific tests. Lots of components increase or decrease in various diseases. Today scientists still researching to find disease spesific tests. We hope developing of disease spesific tests will make diagnosing easier in near future .


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