Pap Smear Test

Pap smear test also known pap test or smear test is named from doctor Georgious Papanikolau. Pap smear test is done for cervical cancer screening. It is an easy an quick procedure of taking cell samples with a cotton swab or a small cervix brush and spatula by scraping the  cervix tissue gently. Taken cell samples are spreaded on a slide for microscopic examination. Purpose of pap smear test is to determine the cancer cells or the cells that can transform to cancer cells.

Who should have the Pap Smear Test ?smear-test

Pap Smear Test should be done to all women older than 21. If no problem is found for 3 years, pap smear test may be repeated regularly for every 2-3 year. Pap smear screening may be done like this;

  • Pap smear screening should start after 30 years old.
  • Women between 30-40 years old should have pap smear test once a year.
  • Pap smear test may be performed for every 5 years till 65 years old.
  • Women who have normal results for last 3 pap smear test, don’t need to repeat the test after 65 years old.

Preparation for Pap Smear Test

For a correct pap smear test result please be careful about the test preparation;

Don’t have a sexual intercourse for past 2 days before the pap smear test.

Don’t use vaginal medicines, tampon, powder, douche, cream, etc. during this period.

Don’t have the test during menstruation, schedule your gynecological examination and smear test according to your menstruation.

Is the Pap Smear Test Painful ?

You won’t feel any pain during pap test, you may feel some cramps same as menstruation and a little pressure because of physical examination.

Smear Test during pregnancy

Having pap smear test is preferred before the pregnancy,  but you can have the smear test at the same time with the regular examinations during pregnancy.

Evaluation of Pap Smear Test

Your gynecologist takes the pap smear test sample and sends to the laboratory, pathologist evaluates your sample under the microscope and try to find any abnormal, atypical cells.


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