Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy test is a kind of laboratory test that determines you are pregnant or not by measureing a level of hormone.  This is human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone and its level increases in blood or urine when you are pregnant.

hCG also called pregnancy hormone is produced after the fertilization. In normal conditions hCG has a very low level in body, after the pregnancy starts hCG level increases first in blood after a certain level it can be determined in urine too.

Pregnancy can be identified 6-7 days after the fertilization.

What kinds of pregnancy tests can be done?

There are 2 kinds of pregnancy tests;  blood tests and urine tests.

Urine Pregnancy Test

Urine pregnancy tests are simple and easy to do even you can buy one and perform by yourself. If you miss your period you may take a urine pregnancy test and you can easily do it by reading the instructions. Urine tests have a sensitivity for hCG hormone some are more sensitive and can detect the pregnancy earlier.Urine pregnancy tests’ sensitivity is between 10-40 mUI/mL.  Urine pregnancy tests provides a qualitative result as positive or negative but amount of hCG can be measured by blood pregnancy test.

pregnancy test

Blood Pregnancy Test

Amount of hCG can be measured by blood pregnancy test and quantitive results can be collected. hCG hormone first increases in blood so you can learn your pregnancy earlier by blood test but you need to give a tube of blood in laboratory for this test. Urine test is easier and  result is faster (1-2 minutes) than blood test but blood pregnancy test can detect pregnancy earlier than urine test.

What does negative results mean if you are pregnant ?

Women usually performs a urine pregnancy test if they miss their period. Sometimes pregnancy test may have different results according to the day it is done. Pregnancy tests usually give positive results after 1 week from missing your period but before this time hCG hormone level may be so low to pass to urine and there can be negative results for your pregnancy test. You may learn your pregnancy by blood test in this period.


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