Semen culture test

semen cultureSemen culture is a laboratory test that is done to determine microorganism presence in semen fluid.

When men must have a Semen Culture Test ?

1- If there is pain and  burning feel in reproductive organs

2- If your semen is bloody or has abnormal view than normal


3- If you try to have a baby but can’t impregnate

4- If you have a problem in your  testis like varicocele.

5- If white blood cells are found in Spermiogram , Semen analysis

6- If you have genital (penile discharge)

Purpose of Semen culture

Semen culture is done to identify the microorganism  in semen fluid and to determine what kind of microorganism it is and which antibiotics are effective to it.

Differences between Semen Culture and Spermiogram (Semen analysis)

Viscosity, liquefaction, Ph, volume, sperm motility, sperm count, morphology and etc. are observed in Spermiogram Semen analysis but in Semen culture test microorganism presence is important.

Patient Preparation  Before Semen Culture Test

1-  A wide mouthed  sterile cup must be used with a cap

2- Don’t touch inside of the sterile cup or its cover.

3- A comfortable and clean room should be used

4- Wash your hands and penis and dry well with paper towel then start sample collection

5- Don’t use any kind of lubricant, soap etc.

6- Collect all semen fluid sample to the sterile cup and deliver to the laboratory as soon as possible.

7- Inform your doctor about the medications you use, especially antibiotics.

How the Semen Culture Test is Performed ?

After the semen culture sample arrives to the laboratory it is inoculated in culture media in a short time. Semen culture sample must not be waited to protect the bacteria and other microorganisms inside because these bacteria are needed to grow in culture media for diagnosis.

If there is microorganism growth in culture media it will be identified, named and antibiotic sensitivity test will be done to find the proper antibiotics for treatment. Some medical facilities use manuel methods some others use automatic analysers for these laboratory tests.

Semen Culture  Test Results

Semen culture test usually results in 2-3 days. If there is microorganism growth in your semen culture test ,this will be noticed on your test report with microorganism’s name and  the effective antibiobics for it. If there is no microorganism growth in semen culture this means your culture is clear.



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