Urine collection for urine culture and urinalysis test

When your doctor requests you to have a urine culture test a plastic sterile sample cup will be given to you in laboratory. You will be informed about the urine collection procedure by your provider. Urine collection is so important to have a correct result by urine culture test. Patient must care about these rules and deliver the urine sample to the laboratory  as soon as possible.

Mid-Stream Urine Sample

These mid stream urine collection is done to prevent contamination of other bacteria from the skin around and stool

  • First hand must be washed and cleared before urination
  • Genital area; the skin around urethra must be washed with soap and water or may be cleaned with a wipe from front to back.
  • Remove the sterile cup from its package
  • Women; open the entrance of vagina (labia) with fingers
  • Male; retract the foreskin if necessary
  • Let the first part of urine flow to the toilet, this will provide the cleaning of your urethra
  • Don’t touch the sterile cup to your genital area or somewhere
  • You don’t need to fill the entire cup, a half cup of urine sample would be enough for urine culture test
  • Close the lid of cup securely and finish urinating to the toilet.
  • Deliver the urine sample to the laboratory as soon as possible

Exceptions for Urine Culture Test and urine collection

Because of some different conditions patients can’t be able to give urine sample by normal way.Patient may be a little child or a baby. Some special urine collection methods may be used for these patients.

pediatric urine collection bag

Urine Collection from Infants/Babies

  • For babies and little children, do the cleaning process same as adult.
  • Take your baby’s nappy off
  • Hold the baby in your arms with her/his back on your chest
  • Tap gently to babies lower abdomen; above the genial area ( pubic area).  You can use only one finger, this may be enough
  • Have the urine sample cup ready
  • Wait patiently and be careful, the urine can come within about 5-10 minutes.
  • When your baby starts to urinate try to catch some urine to into the cup

Urine Collection Bags for Babies

Plastic sterile urine collection bags can be used for babies, this is a easier process but the plastic urine bag must be placed carefully on babies’ urethra.

  • Make the cleaning process as told above
  • For males; put the entire penis to the plastic bag and attach adhesive edges to his skin near the penis
  • For females; try to place whole labia inside the plastic bag and attach the adhesive edges to her skin
  • If your baby doesn’t urinate in 45 minutes change the sample bag with a new one.
  • After your baby urinates pour the urine carefully into a sterile urine sample cup.

Urine Collection for Bedridden and Unconscious Patients

Bedridden patient can sit on a chair with your help for a short time to collect the urine sample if not possible or patient is unconscious a cactheter may be used to collect sterile urine sample for urine culture test, this catheter method can be used for women after giving birth.

If necessary  urine sample for urine culture may be collected by suprapubic aspiration. Urine is collected with a needle by drawing through the abdominal wall into the bladder.


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