What is glucometer ?

is a useful device that you can measure your approximate blood glucose level by yourself at home.

Why Blood Glucose Level Measurement is Important ?

Blood sugar level must be measured regularly for;glucometer

  • Checking diabetic people’s response to treatment
  • Adjusting insulin medication dose
  • Preventing diseases for long-term that may be caused by diabetes


Blood glucose level can be measured by 2 ways;  going to a medical laboratory and having blood test or using a glucometer and measuring blood glucose level by yourself at home.

Advantage of  having blood glucose test in a laboratory

Having  a blood glucose level measurement in a  hospital laboratory is more advantageous than using a glucometer at home because you can have a medical examination and test result evaluation  by your doctor at the same time even if it takes longer.

Advantage of Glucometer

You can have your own glucometer and  you can measure your blood sugar level at any time during day. You can measure your blood glucose level very fast.

You can buy a glucometer in any drugstore even from internet, you only need to consult to your doctor or nurse to have the most proper glucometer device for yourself , to learn the usage of device and to save the results of measurements.

Doctor will tell you how often you need a measurement according to your diabetes level and your treatment type ; it may be diet, insulin, medications, exercies etc.  Target range for blood glucose will be determined according to your age, duration of diabetes and the medicines you use. You can easily use your glucometer device following these instructions.


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