Amniocentesis risks

Amniocentesis risks

Baby is surrounded with a water like fluid in uterus during pregnancy. This amniotic fluid surrounds and protects baby. Amniocentesis is an invaise laboratory test which your doctor takes a sample from your amniotic fluid with a needle. Amniocentesis may have some risks like all similar operations.

Your doctor may recommend you amniocentesis if there is a problem in triple or double test during pregnancy. Amniocentesis is done to diagnose any genetic or inherited disorders in baby like down syndrome or muscular dystrophy.

Risks of amniocentesisamniocentesis risk

Amniotic membrane rupture

Amniotic membrane surrounds the baby and amniotic fluid. Amniotic membrane may rupture ( break) during amniocentesis and amniotic fluid may leak through vagina. This is a very rare complication of amniocentesis. Amniotic fluid leakage stops in 1-2 weeks and pregnancy continues normally.

Injury of baby

Amniocentesis is done with the help of ultrasound so injury is a very rare risk in amniocentesis.


Amniocentesis may cause an infection in uterus . Also mother  may have an infection like hepatitis C ,HIV, CMV or toxoplasma and infection may be transmitted to baby.


Amniocentesis has a low risk of miscarriage in second trimester of pregnancy. Risk of miscarriage is 0,6 percent in second trimester. Risk will be low  if the amniocentesis is done by an experienced specialist.


Chorioamnionitis is a very rare complication of amniocentesis. Chorioamnionitis is the bacterial infection of membranes which surround fetus. Chorioamnionitis is very rare in amniocentesis; risk is lower than 1 in 1000 cases.


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