High triglycerides in pregnancy

triglycerides in pregnancy

Triglycerides are fat types and they form energy store of your body. A part of triglycerides are produced in body like cholesterol and you take the rest of triglycerides by your diet. High triglycerides may cause various health problems like cardivascular diseases, heart attack or stroke.

Triglycerides form 90% of body fats for energy storage and production for your metabolic activities. Excess calories are transformed and stored as triglycerides. Your body produces triglycerides in fat tissue and liver.

high triglycerides

High triglycerides causes in pregnancy

High triglycerides may occur in pregnancy and may continue increasing after third trimester. Triglycerides level usually  reduces in normal range after birth. Estrogen hormone is the most important factor that stimulates triglycerides production from free fatty acids in pregnant’s liver. Also genetic factors may cause high triglycerides in pregnancy. Here you can see the other causes of high triglycerides in pregnancy as listed;

  • Dietary factors
  • Disruption of hormonal balance in pregnancy
  • Diabetes during pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia; is a condition in pregnancy that is related with liver and kidney damage
  • High triglycerides that is caused by thyroid problems
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Sudden weight gain during pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise and inactive life style
  • Also sleep disorder during pregnancy may cause high triglycerides


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