Normal Growth, Height, and Head Circumference for Babies

Normal weight for a newborn

The average weight of a newborn baby is about 7 lb or 3.2 kg. In the beginning new born babies loose about 10% of their Birth weight, this happens because babies take in less feed and loose their meconium, urine, and swelling. By the 10th day however babies re-gain their birth weight back.

Normal child weight

  • Birth———7lb
  • 6months—-14lb
  • 1 year——-21lb
  • 2 years——28lb
  • 5 years—-35lb
  • 7 years——49lb
  • 10 years—–70 lb

Up until puberty weight gain is about 5 lb/ year

Normal height at birth

  • Birth———50cm
  • 1 year——–75cm
  • 2 years——-85cm
  • 3 years——-95cm
  • 4 years——100cm

Height then increases by 5 cm /year until puberty when growth spurt occurs and height increases by 9-10cm per year for 2-3 years.

Normal head Size of  a baby

Head measurements give an idea of brain growth, if the brain in not growing, then the head will remain small. Sometimes however the skull bones fuse prematurely, this is called Craniosynostosis. However smaller babies tend to have smaller heads but premature babies have larger heads compared to their bodies.

Normally the head is bigger than the chest at birth but after one year the circumference of the head and chest become equal and afterwards the chest is always bigger.

Head sizes at different ages

  • Birth————35cm
  • 3 months——-41cm
  • 6 months——-44cm
  • 9 months——-46cm
  • 1 year———–47cm
  • 2 years———-49cm
  • 3 years———-50cm
  • 5 years———-51cm

Until puberty there is a 0.5 cm increase per year.


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