Pregnancy urine test

Pregnancy test has 2 types as blood test and urine test. Pregnancy urine test sometimes called pregnancy home test is a simple and easy test to learn that you are pregnant or not. Pregnancy has some symptoms like nausea, missed period, frequent urination, constipation, mood swings, headaches, etc, but the best way to learn  is to have a pregnancy test. Blood and urine pregnancy tests both determine the pregnancy marker in your body that is called hCG . This hormone is produced by placenta after the embryo attached to the uterine. hCG is first secreted to the blood and then it can be detected in urine. Pregnancy blood test is the fastest and best way to learn your pregnancy but urine pregnancy test is cheap, easy and quick, also you can have your urine pregnancy test both in a clinic or  at home.

Urine pregnancy test typespregnancy-urine-test

Urine pregnancy test has 2 types; stick test and urine drop test.

1- In stick test you urinate in a sample cup or a plastic unused cup and place the absorbent stick inside the urine. You will see the result in a few minutes as a color change like line, double line or a  symbol that you can see the meaning of symbol on the package of pregnancy test.

2-Drop test is similar like stick test; you will urinate in a cup and then place 1-2 drops of urine in the container with the eyedropper that you will find in the package. pregnancy urine test stick will absorb the urine and  then wait for the symbol to see the result as positive or negative.

3- Pregnancy urine tests have %96-97 accuracy  if you make the test correctly. Also there are digital urine pregnancy tests that you can use. Procedure is same in digital urine pregnancy tests; 2-3 minutes after placing the urine you can see the result on the screen as pregnant or not pregnant.

All kind of urine pregnancy tests are similar; cheap, easy and quick. You can have your pregnancy test in a clinic or at home. If you feel the early symptoms of pregancy you can have a urine pregnancy test before going to your doctor. You can take the exact result by hCG measurement by blood pregnancy test.


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