Preventing parasites in children

Parasites are a common intestinal infection cause in people; especially in children. There are some different parasite types like pinworm, roundworm ( also called ascaris), hook worm, tapeworm, amoeba ( amebiasis), giardia ( giardiasis). Lack of hygiene is the most common contamination way for parasites in children. You can understand by looking to parasite symptoms that your child has an intestinal parasite.  Here some important topics that you can take care to protect  yourself and your child from parasites.

Preventing parasites in childrenpreventing parasites children

  • Prefer breastfeeding in first 6 months to protect your baby from parasites
  • Wash hands with soap and warm water after toilet and before eating
  • Also teach your child to wash hands with soap before eating and after toilet
  • Teach your child common hygiene practices
  • Wash your vegetables carefully if you will eat them raw, you can rest them in a vinegar-water mixture to remove parasites
  • If you are not sure about drinking water’s quality you can boil and cool before drinking
  • Don’t use or drink water that you are not sure about its source
  • Teach your child to change underwear regularly
  • Avoid eating undercooked meatpreventing parasites in children
  • Don’t let your child to touch street animals
  • Wash your child’s bedding regularly
  • Don’t let your child to walk barefoot outdoors
  • Wash your child’s toys regularly
  • Don’t eat raw meat products
  • Be careful and ask directors about the toys and other materials to be cleaned regularly in nursery and school

As you can see protecting  yourself and your child from parasites  is simple and easy. You should be careful about some common hygine rules and teach your child.  Preventing parasites is more easy than treating them.


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