Urine culture and urinalysis in pregnancy

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are the most common infection type in pregnancy. At least % 50 of the all women have an UTI throughout their life. These infections may be a simple UTI, cystitis,urethritis or pyelonephritis and may cause complications like miscarriage, low birth weight, mental or motor problems in newborn. Routine examinations by your gynecologist are so important to avoid these kind of problems. Your doctor may request some laboratory tests like urine culture and urinalysis during your pregnancy to check these conditions. Urine culture test has no risk for you and your baby, you’ll only need to collect urine sample into a sterile cup. (See. Urinary tract infections)

Urinary tract infection symptoms

urinalysis in pregnancyYour doctor may request urine culture and urinalysis test if you have these UTI symptoms;

    • Frequent urination
    • Painful urination
    • Burning feel when you urinate
    • Tiredness
    • Decreasing of amount of your urine
    • Cloudy urine
    • Strong smelling urine
    • Bloody-red urine sometimes
    • Back pain
    • Lower abdomen pain
    • Pelvic pain in especially women
    • Pain around anus in men
    • Fever or chills

Why the UTI are common in pregnancy?

UTI risk increases in pregnancy because of the physiological and hormonal changes. Urinary tract enlarges in early stages of pregnancy by progesterone hormone effect and in the later period enlargement is caused by enlarged uterus. Also inefficient emptying of the bladder provides a suitable living place for bacteria with the stored urine.

Urinalysis and urine culture for UTI in pregnancyspecimen-bottles-specimen-cup-sterile-specimen-cup

Urinalysis is more simple and easy also takes less time than urine culture test so your doctor may request you to have an urinalysis test first. First morning urine sample preferred but you can give a spot urine sample at any time of the day. You’ll be requested to urinate into a urine sample cup and your urinalysis test would be ready in half an hour. Your doctor may request an urine culture test according to the symptoms and your urinalysis test result. High WBC ( white blood cell) count in urinalysis may be a sign of UTI in pregnancy. (See. Urinalysis)

Having a urine culture test in early stages of pregnancy is the best way to reduce the UTI risk. Your doctor may give you some antibiotics according to the urine culture and antibiotic sensitivity test results (See. Antibiotic sensitivity test) so you’ll be protected from UTI risk in later stages. You’ll need to give an urine sample into a sterile urine cup for urine culture. (See. Urine culture)


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